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Commodity Industry

  • Energy17.311823.65
  • Industrial processes1.229823.65
  • Waste0.756823.65
  • Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use (AFOLU)4.351623.65
  • Transport3.831323.65
  • Energy in buildings (electicity and heat)4.138823.65
  • Energy in industry5.723323.65
  • Energy in Agriculture & Fishing0.402123.65
  • Unallocated fuel combustion1.844723.65
  • Fugitive emissions from energy1.371723.65
  • Cement0.709523.65
  • Chemical & petrochemical (industrial)0.520323.65
  • Livestock & Manure1.371723.65
  • Rice Cultivation0.307423.65
  • Agricultural Soils0.969723.65
  • Crop Burning0.827823.65
  • Forest Land0.520323.65
  • Cropland0.331123.65
  • Grassland0.023623.65
  • Landfills0.449323.65
  • Wastewater0.307423.65
  • Road2.814323.65
  • Aviation0.449323.65
  • Rail23.650.0946
  • Pipeline23.650.0710
  • Ship0.402123.65
  • Residential2.577823.65
  • Commercial1.560923.65
  • Iron & Steel1.702823.65
  • Non-ferous metals23.650.1656
  • Machinery23.650.1183
  • Food and tobacco0.236523.65
  • Paper, pulp & printing0.141923.65
  • Chemical & petrochemical (energy)0.851423.65
  • Other industry2.506923.65
  • Coal0.449323.65
  • Oil & Natural Gas0.922323.65

We are a sovereign access services (SAS) and global provider of Non-Financial Securities, Instrument Market Intermediary (NFSIMI) services company. Our foundation is built on the mission to enhance markets where the ‘ultimate’ parties, such as states, traders, borrowers, providers, firms, and investors, engage in direct transactions. We operate with a guiding code to facilitate seamless and secure interactions in these markets

Our dedicated team of professionals, located in countries around the world and proficient in multiple languages, is wholeheartedly devoted to delivering customized support to each of our clients.

Why Westernclear?

Implementing a comprehensive identification system for more than $15 billion worth of Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) currently in circulation.

Enabling the registration of over $1.3 billion in daily gold transactions through our IGSTIN (International Gold Transaction Identification Number) code.

Within our Datmont KYC platform, we have integrated data from over 10 million OABITA (Organizations and Businesses in the African Continental Territory) companies operating within Africa.

We are proud to announce that our Datmont KYC platform is now being used by million commodity importers and exporters worldwide, all with globally accredited access to our extensive database.

Westernclear though its portfolios provides Paymaster and Commodity Quota Ownership Services to a diverse clientele, including both domestic and international clients. Our services encompass a wide range of transactions involving various commodities, including but not limited to note transactions, oil, jet fuel, gold, and diamond transactions.

Our services

Westernclear, initially founded as a multinational corporation within the European middle-market, has grown with the mission of generating superior risk-adjusted service participation returns. As time has passed, our company has transformed into a global network, specializing in addressing a wide range of sovereign trade service challenges and delivering customized solutions. Through strategic partnerships, Westernclear has expanded its reach to provide comprehensive management services for commodity and energy trade as well as facilitating financial instruments on a global scale.

Worldwide, our clients trust us to verify and validate buyer and seller information, ensuring that every transaction is smooth, secure, and free from the risk of fraud.

Introducing a universal identification system for all Non-Financial Securities Trading, with a particular focus on ensuring the authenticity of legitimate Bank Instruments.

At Westernclear, we are committed to supporting climate change initiatives. Each year, we unveil the top influential companies globally in the realm of climate change. Our CB 100 Index highlights the crucial role played by global companies, with the carbon index ticker, in addressing climate challenges.

Intraswift serves as a bridge payment solution, leveraging the swift instrument to expedite the development and establish assurance for both buyers and sellers, creating a robust bridge to full payment guarantee.

Throughout the years, commodity traders have faced challenges related to credit capabilities, making it crucial to ensure the issuance of reliable instruments for buyers to receive their products. In turn, these challenges have led buyers to hesitate in trusting suppliers who claim to possess the product, often resulting in a demand for payment only upon product arrival.

Independent Careers

Join our global network of independent sovereign trade professionals, right from your home country. Be yourself and make meaningful contributions to sovereign trade services in sustainable development sectors.

At Westernclear, we bring together more than 40 million exporters and importers worldwide. As an open and reliable intermediary, we play a key role in bolstering the stability of non-financial securities markets. We assist clients in navigating the complexities of dealing with overseas partners, facilitating transactions with confidence.

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Understanding Non-Securities

Individual markets for non-securities do exist, but they tend to be specialized sources rather than public exchanges like the NYSE or NASDAQ. Non-securities, also known as real assets, are investments that are not publicly traded. However, they can be part of investment products that are publicly traded, such as ETFs. Examples of non-security investments include diamonds and fine art. Even though these assets themselves don’t trade on public exchanges, they can be included in packaged investment products like exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are publicly traded.