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Conference 2023

Brussels, 16-17 May 2023


Conference 2023

Brussels, 16-17 May 2023


Conference 2023

Brussels, 16-17 May 2023

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In commodity time is money. For this reason Westernclear developed an Intraswift (MT103/98) financial instrument that could be adopted by supplier and buyer to provide added security to transaction.

Working with over 50 Banks across the globe, we are helping African countries to have the ability to safely secure the most essential commodity for their countries with highest guarantee of credit rating needed to accomplish timely transaction.

How Intraswift Work?

Agreement between buyer and seller is complete

Banking instrument is issued example DLC MT760 Payment at Delivery and MT103/98 Payment InTransit

Copy of Document submitted to International Deposit.

Agree to for us to hold 10% of the MT103/98 until delivery arrived at the port of destination.


The above swift financial instrument it’s program developed and established by Westernclear for buyer and seller having a solid bridge to full payment guarantee.

Over the years commodity traders have encounter the credit capabilities to ensure issue of solid instrument for buyer to deliver their product and while these issues persist, buyer themselves have issue trusting supplier who claims they have the product, therefore declare they are only willing to pay for product upon arrival. 

The above method increase the product price as suppliers see high risk in shipment product with payment at Destination.  Although, some organizations are testing this arrangement but end up in court with each side blaming one another, and often performance bond fee get caught in between. 

To feel our world, we need food commodity to be transported from one continent to another.  African countries are taking the blow back here, this continent credit rating is  below acceptable rating with top 50 bank financial instruments, thus any buyers from this continents surfer greatly regardless of their abilities to make payment.

MT103/98 InTransit Payment financial guarantee is an agreement that guarantees a direct payment to supplier account 5 to 10 business days after the Bill of Lading is received.


Understanding Swift Messages

If you’re looking to securely send funds across the globe, then SWIFT may be right for you. Used by millions of people every day, SWIFT payments are international money transfers sent by the SWIFT network. Using SWIFT can establish your business’s reputation of sending safe payments.